A total of 380 Neosho R-5 fifth graders learned where their food comes from during the Food for America event, held at the school's farm outside of Neosho Thursday.

"It's just an ag-literacy program so that the kids can spend a day on the farm and learn more about agriculture, where their food comes from, and we also do a little bit of farm safety with them," said Jennifer Thogmartin, ag instructor at the Neosho High School. "We have 28 different stations set up here and 150 students. They are teaching, they have done all of their research, they have put all of the projects together and stations. They run the entire program."

The fifth graders began their journey shortly after 9 a.m. and concluded at 1:30 p.m. that day. The students would spend about 15 minutes at each station and then go to another station.

"We have an Ag in Missouri station, where the students learn about the products that our made here in Missouri. They have a cutout of the state and they talk about what regions make what agriculture products," she said. "We also have a station where they talk about the grades of milk and they get to make ice cream. There are stations on the other end that we talk about the gaits of a horse — that is a game that the kids get to play. They are making butter, they talk about edible plants you can find in the wild. There is a new station called forest products, things that actually are made from specific types of trees, what kind of trees makes [baseball] bats and different things like that."

At one of the stations, the students got to try homemade ice cream, while at another station, some of the ag students made popcorn over a campfire for the fifth graders to try.

"This is at least the 10th year that we have done it at the school farm," said Thogmartin. "They have been doing the Food for America program for a very long time."