The sky was blue, very blue, the other morning as I walked along Wildcat Boulevard.

The sky was blue, very blue, the other morning as I walked along Wildcat Boulevard.

I marveled at the sky and its beauty because there was not a cloud, not a vapor trail, not a star, not the moon, nothing but deep blue sky with a scattering of stars. It was an outstanding sight!

I was thinking about the story of a very mobile prairie chicken in the October edition of the Missouri Conservationist magazine. The prairie chicken was captured in Nebraska and released north of Bethany, Mo.

She was fitted with a GPS collar and in the next four months she wandered up into Iowa, back south into Missouri and west almost to St. Joseph. She then made it over to the Kirksville area and up into Madison County, Iowa.

She then returned to the Kirksville and St. Joseph area before settling in Iowa northeast of Maryville, Mo. In all, they calculated she traveled 1,165 miles. Now that's a "movin'" prairie chicken.

I like flowers and am very careful not to kill any in my yard. Almost every time I mow, I see a wildflower that has popped up and mow around it.

One particular wild flower intrigues me. It has a single stalk with small, white, bell-shaped flowers. What is unusual is the little flowers grow in a spiral around the stem. I don't know what it is but I sure won't mow it off.

Recycling has always been a part of life in my household. When I was a kid, we recycled because we did not have much money. We did not waste things. I still recycle nearly everything.

I recently read of a new recycling endeavor that is sponsored by the Berkley fishing line corporation.

They are setting out bins near docks and other places where people fish. The bins are used to collect tangled, tattered, and outdated fish line. Old fish line left in the water can be a hazard to fish and wildlife, which can get caught up in it.

Berkley started their campaign in 1990 and since then have recycled nine million miles of old fish line.
Take a walk, look at the beauty around you, recycle, watch for wandering prairie chickens, and see what you notice while passing along Wildcat Boulevard.

Russell Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.