The Neosho R-5 School Board approved the district's budget unanimously during the meeting Monday night at the school administration building.

"We are planning a budget that has got some modest increases as far as revenue coming from both state and federal funds," said Tim Crawley, assistant superintendent of business and finance for the district. "Budget looks a little bit big, but part of that is because of three FEMA projects, so we will see revenue and expending based on that. Pretty conservative budget, all things considered."

Crawley continued on.

"We are looking at about 92 percent, is what we are expecting from the state based on their pro-ration factor," he said. "We had some considerable increases for non-certified employees last year as well as some certified employees. We see that as being where our increases and expenditures this year primarily will be, but we are also trying to plan ahead, we are looking at about a 22 percent unrestricted balance, a lot of things affect that."

According to a previous article, the $46 million document included some $374,000 in salary increases, with custodial staff going from $8.77 to $9.64 an hour. Neosho is among the lower paying districts in the area, with Seneca paying $11.71 an hour and McDonald County paying its custodial staff $12.47.

Overall, Crawley said the budget is a good solid budget.

"We are glad that we can continue to do that, really looking at a lot of other schools in the state are deficit spending or spending more than what they are brining in the last couple of years," he said. "We have been able to kind of stay pretty even, which is a good thing, part of that being because we continue seeing increases in enrollment and we are paid based on numbers of students we have."

More on Monday's school board meeting will be in Wednesday's Neosho Daily News.