Even though Halloween is a week away, I can imagine that area children are counting down the days.

I remember growing up the time we would search the stores for costumes for Greg and I to wear for the Triway School Halloween parties and parade. Most of the time, we would dress up like a Star Wars figure: which, of course, was popular back then. I still remember those plastic masks like Darth Vader or Chewbacca.

I didn't win the costume contest until I was in the fifth grade. My parents rented Greg and I costumes from a costume rental place. Mine was a zebra, made of cloth. On the third and final pass, I was getting ready to go back and sit when classmates and teachers told me that I was one of the winners. For the prize, I received a big candy bar. That was the last year that I dressed up in school.

On Halloween night in Newtonia, Greg and I went around with either Mom or Dad to our neighbors to get CANDY. We received candy, Nanny's famous popcorn, apples and other delicious treats.

And that was only half of the fun. While we were trick or treating, Mom or Dad was at home answering the door to all of the little goblins, Barbie dolls, comic book characters and homemade characters. That was fun for all to see the different costumes and to see if anyone had the same type of costumes that Greg or I had worn.

Nowadays, Halloween has taken a new turn. Tina and I pass out candy to those children who come to the neighborhood.

Another event that I really enjoy this time of the year is the annual Trail of Treats event where various businesses hand out candy and then children come out to the Neosho Daily News for their picture to be taken and later published in the paper. The times for Trail of Treats will be soon advertised in the paper.

Other events throughout the town on that day include the Trunk and Treat, where area churches have cars set up with candy for the children.

Through the years, I have noticed all of the scary movies that are popular, such as Dracula or characters from Stephen King movies or even Frankenstein.

Probably two of my all-time favorite scary movies are Salem's Lot (the older version) and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

Shelley was the author of Frankenstein. If you have not seen the movie or even read her book, do so.
Remember to watch out for children crossing the road on Halloween night.

Todd G. Higdon is a staff writer and writes a weekly column for the Neosho Daily News.