GRANBY — Granby Police Sergeant Ron Greer is being recognized with a life-saving medal for his recent actions that saved an infant's life.

According to a release from Granby Police Chief Jacob Kelley, Greer was dispatched to a call of an infant choking around 5:13 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 16.

When Greer arrived, he managed to dislodge a plastic bottle cap from the back of the nine-month-old infant's throat.
When the infant continued to struggle breathing, Greer continued to work with her until the paramedics arrived.
"From the moment I got the call, I just kept praying please God let me get there in time," Greer said in the police department release. "Throughout the whole ordeal I just kept asking God to save this child. He enabled me to do what needed to be done."

Greer reportedly met someone familiar with the incident the following morning, at which time he received a greeting he said he hadn't received before in his law enforcement career.

"As I met her she yelled, 'There's the life saver,'" Greer said in the release. "I've been called a lot of different things in my career (most of which cannot be printed here), but never a life-saver."

Kelley said the baby's grandmother reported the child is doing well.

Kelley said a small award ceremony will be held in the coming weeks to present Greer with his medal of recognition.

That event will be announced at a later date.