There is a new barbershop on the square in Neosho.

There is a new barbershop on the square in Neosho.

Rick and Daryell’s (Perry) Barbershop, located on the north side of the square, opened on Nov. 1. They are open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

“My dad was a barber, and I grew up in his shop (in Bakersfield, Calif.), watching him cutting hair,” said Rick, who has had 28 years in the business. “Dad was a barber there for more than 40 years. My wife (Daryell) and I barbered there for almost 20 years.”

Daryell went to barber college, also in Bakersfield.

“I went when I was pregnant with my two kids,” said Darryell, who has been barbering for 23 years.
The family moved to Southwest Missouri and set up shop in Granby in November 2003.

Just before Thanksgiving 2010, Rick became gravely ill.

“I woke up one morning, pretty much paralyzed, and for five months, they treated me for a stroke and then found out it was Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever,” he said.

The couple eventually opted to move to the Neosho Square.

“We were both sick for a long time, and I think we got to the point where we were ready to come back to work and try it,” said Rick. “We moved to the square, getting our exercise walking around the square and this building was just kind of (there), we just talked ‘what a perfect barbershop this would be.’ and there has not been a barber shop on the square in several years. There has been a lot of beauty salons, but no barber shops and so we felt like this might be a need that we could fill.”

The barbers do haircuts for men and boys.

“We don’t do women’s hair, we don't keep up with the women’s hair styles, we are trained to do men and boys and the typical men and boys haircuts,” he said. “I think that when there is a barbershop available in a town, that the men would prefer to go to a barbershop, bring their boys. It brings back memories of their childhood. But again, it is a dying trade, unfortunately, and there is not many barbershops to chose from. So I think the more barbershops there are, the more choice that people will have.”

Another feature they do is shoe shines and soon will do full facial shaves.
“It (shoe shine) is not very common anymore, so we thought that being here close to the courthouse,” she said. “There are professionals around here that might need that service. So that is something that we wanted to bring back is that old barbershop feel.”

The business accepts walk-ins and soon their son, Copper (Rick, Jr.) will be a barber.

“He will start officially in January,” she said.

Their daughter, Jessica, also helps out at the business.
Plans for the inside walls include some historical photographs. There is also a barber shop icon – the barber pole. They plan on having the history of the barber pole placed alongside it so that people can read the history.

Since they opened, the owners said the business has been great.
“It has been very impressive, lot of new faces, but then again, a lot of return customers from Granby,” she said.

“I would like to give a special thanks to these people: Sean Bird, Brad Teitler, Keith White, Kanla Avacola, Brad and Kelly Fieser, Kevin and Holly Jones and Rudy Farber,” Rick said.