The Newton County Sheriff’s Department is hearing of scams in the area and warns residents to be careful.

“We just started seeing an uptick in different scams being done,” said Capt. Richard Leavens with the sheriff’s department. “We are seeing the sweepstakes scams again. One of them that I got called on (Tuesday) was the U.S. Treasury Department agent calling somebody, because (residents) had won a sweepstakes and they needed to pay some fees or something.”  

Another scam that is popping up is called the fish scam.

“It is where they are trying to get information, cash, a lot of it they send you a gift card or something, to pay for something, then you are suppose to turn around and redeposit that money, send that money onto somebody else and the gift card winds up being purchased with a stolen credit card,” he said. “We have had some of the others, they are sending people money for services, but they are sending more money than they are asking for, take this money and forward it on, take out their part of it, forward the money on to these other folks. Then by the time they get all of the money forwarded on, the check bounces and they are out the money that they forwarded on.”

Leavens said that the scams are coming both in the mail and over the phone.

“Be careful, be suspicious of anything that sounds too good to be true or that you didn’t enter,” the captain said.

For more information, please call the Newton County Sheriff’s Department at 451-8300.