For the last 22 years, Lee Booyer, country road superintendent, has worked on parts of Newton County roads.

At 11 a.m. Thursday in the Newton County Division 1 Courtroom, he was just one of 61 special road district workers, and county and state courthouse employees, recognized during the annual county’s employee service appreciation day.

Asked how he got interested in road district, Booyer said, “Well, Jerry Owens hired me, I had just sold my trucks and wanted to know if I would like a job. I thought that it would be a good place to go. That was the first of December and I have been here every since.”

Road district workers do a lot of jobs ranging from snow removal to maintenance to building new roads and updating old ones.

“Just pretty much general everyday maintenance,” Booyer added. “It is time consuming and it is like a puzzle, you start at one point.”

The workers are out in all types of weather ranging from snow and ice to extreme heat. The job is not “9-5.”

“Whatever comes up: weekends, nights, what ever we need to do,” Booyer said.
Booyer said if he had to pick the one season over another, he picked summertime.

 “I am not a cold person. Some of them like the cold, some of them don’t like the cold, it just depends,” he said.

Reflecting back over the last 20-plus years, he said there was one time he really didn’t like so much.

“The ice storm – in 2007 – that was it, that was treacherous for everybody and everybody involved with it.” Booyer said. “It took time. It came quicker than it did to leave. It took a lot more to fix it back.”

The honorees were presented with certificates and then treated to finger foods afterwards.

“We just have a good crew,” Booyer said.