From time to time I just seem to have so many things rolling around in this bald head of mine that I can’t settle on a single theme for a column. Such is the case with this week’s submission so just be prepared.  First on the plate is the continuing saga on the death of common sense.  

In case you missed it, this week in Colorado a 6-year-old boy was suspended from school for sexual harassment. His crime? He kissed a young girl on the hand. And, this was his second offense. The first time he kissed her on the cheek. Apparently he is rather smitten with this young lady and considers her his girlfriend. She was not offended but some classmates turned him in and he was suspended for sexual harassment.

Now for the record, how many of you guys out there “stole” a kiss from a girl on the playground at school. Be honest. Did you think that you would be charged with sexual harassment or were you more afraid that you might get slapped? Melody said it happened to her when she was in elementary school and she punched the guy. For the record, it wasn’t me.

How silly is this whole scenario? You are going to suspend a 6-year-old for sexual harassment for kissing his girlfriend? When this happened he asked his mother what “sex” was. I suppose the school district thinks that we should thank them for standing up for political correctness and for ignoring good old common sense. If they do then they are going to be waiting a long time.  

Now, I guess, in somewhat defense of the district, they did change the “sexual harassment” to “misconduct” so that it would not be on his permanent record. Do you think they would have done that had it not been for the outpouring of disgust by folks who do use a little common sense? We will never know but I find the whole scenario rather boneheaded and silly.

And next, since we are on the subject of boneheaded mistakes, how about the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act (or is it Obamacare?). According to the latest release from the Department of Health and Human Services, a “whopping 360,000” people have now signed up for this great opportunity. Of course, that is just a fraction of the numbers that they need to make it work but what the heck, we are now at least able to find out what was in the bill that Congress passed.

The Affordable Care Act was passed so that millions of people that were without health insurance could now afford it – by forcing everyone to either purchase insurance coverage or pay a tax penalty. Now, two months into the sign-up period we have less than half a million people take advance of this opportunity while nearly 6 million people have seen their health insurance policies cancelled because the policy doesn’t meet the minimum qualifications set by the government.  

Did you catch that last part – “minimum qualifications set by the government”? So, not only are we forced to buy health insurance but it has to meet standards set by the government. Remember when everyone was warning us about the so-called “death panels” and the folks in favor of this new program called them crazy? Now, the proponents are admitting that there will be decisions made on rationing of care. What does that sound like?

I’m not sure where all this is headed but I do know that we have ourselves in a grand mess and I’m not sure how we get out of it. The “brilliant” minds behind this have now totally upended 100 percent of our health system in order to provide coverage to about 15 percent of the population.And, in the process, have done nothing to address the underlying issues of affordable health services.

The scary part of all this is that many people think this may have been the plan all along.  During the debate on the bill itself many of those on the “left” talked about the ultimate goal of a single payer system (government run health insurance) modeled after Canada and Europe. And, if the system is now so screwed up that it can’t be fixed then those on the “left” will opine that the government will surely have to intervene to “save” it.  

I said early on that, if Obamacare was passed, we would have a single payer system within five-10 years. If the liberals have their way it will be a whole lot quicker than that. And, if that system is so great why do so many Canadians come to the United States when they have serious health issues? Answer that one for yourself.

OK, I’ve run out of room but will end on this note. We were having a serious discussion about political issues (imagine that) and Melody said that Thomas Jefferson, in the Declaration of Independence, wrote about the “pursuit of happiness.” He didn’t say anything about government making us happy – only that we have the right to pursue happiness. I think too many people want the government to guarantee their happiness by providing everything for them. And that my friends will not end well for those of us who love our freedoms.

Kevin Wilson writes a weekly column for the Daily News.