A new coffee bar just off of the Neosho Square has recently opened for business.

One14 Coffee Bar & Area 114, 114 N. Wood St., Neosho, opened the first part of November. The owners are Terry and Kathy Tessmer.

“Actually, we thought about it for about five years, because we would be like ‘yeah, do you want to go have a cup of coffee?’” Kathy said. “And there really wasn’t any place to go, so we would run to Joplin or whatever at 8 p.m. and get a cup of coffee. Then this building came available and we purchased it.”

Terry said when they were in the process of purchasing the building, that it had an appeal.

“We just like the building and to keep the integrity of it,” he said. “There are not that many buildings around downtown Neosho that are still 1905 or originals. This one had good bones and all, so it took us a year to decide kind of what to do, we cleaned on it and messed with it. It has been a labor of love as far as weekends, how we wanted to do it.”

The coffee bar gets their coffee from Anonymous Roasters of Springdale, Ark.

“We get our beans fresh, weekly, and we have grown because of them in our knowledge,” she said. “We are still working on our knowledge of what to bring to our customers and what our customers would like to have for their coffees.”

The coffee bar offers traditional coffee, latte, hot chocolate and some food.

“We have two soups daily, we want to do the main soup tomato and then we do other soups around that,” said Kathy. “Our sandwiches are flat bread grilled cheese. We have a pesto base on our bread, two types of cheeses, spinach, tomato and light dressing on that and it is grilled. Our salad is a spinach salad with feta, tomatoes, cranberries with a light dressing. As the seasons change, we will change up our menus, add more, we are still experimenting.”

Terry added, “we have the typical pastry stuff too: cinnamon rolls, cakes, pies. We want to do some breakfast sandwiches.”

Walking inside the building, they have some art pieces from area artists and the owners will change out the art pieces on a monthly basis. They have tables where people can enjoy a cup of coffee or latte and read the newspaper or a magazine. They also have a couple of other features including a drive-through window, a conference room and then a back room.

“Our conference room (located near the front) is free, it seats 10 people,” said Kathy. “There is a calendar, they can come in and write down their own schedule, block out their hour or two hour. We have some parties. It is something that we want to offer a meeting place in Neosho that doesn’t cost anybody anything. It is quiet. It has a projector system in there, where you can plug your laptop into it.”

The back room – called Area 114 – can seat from 40-50 people.

“The venue (in the back), we do charge for that to rent that out. They can have that catered or we can,” she said.

The couple has traveled over the United States and the world enjoying coffee houses. Asked if this is what they anticipated for when they took off on this venture, Kathy said, “yes.”

“I believe so, I think we have accomplished what we set out for, in the way of the look and the feel of the place,” she said. “It is a comfortable feel, I think that people enjoy coming in. we have had a lot of visitors from California, Washington state, New York. They said, ‘wow, we feel like we are at home, we are in New York, this is what a place in New York would be like or Kansas City.’ I think we are very pleased with the outcome of what we have accomplished so far.”

Terry added, “From here forward, I think that it is an evolution, we are creating the foundation and the basis for this to evolve into what it is going to be.”

Aside from the owners, there are four other employees. Hours of operation are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday. Phone number is 455-BREW and they are on Facebook.