Happy New Year to you the readers. I hope and pray that this year will be a good one for you.
First and foremost, Tina and I had a great New Year’s Eve. We went to some friends’ house and just relaxed waiting for the New Year to come in.

And yes, I did think about some of my New Year’s resolutions. Aside from the usual ones like exercise more, here are some more resolutions.

Resolution No. 1 would be to get more organized. There are items that I want to categorize in this manner.

Resolution No. 2 would be to travel some this year with Tina. The other day we were talking about hopping in the car and taking our dog, Ladybug, on a trip. If you can believe it, Ladybug enjoys going down with me to pick up Tina after she gets off of work. All I have to say to the dog is, “let’s go get Tina.’ And away she goes, sometimes beating me outside to the car.

Resolution No. 3 would be to work harder at the Neosho Daily News.

Resolution No. 4 deals with the book that Tina and I have been working on for a while. Now, this resolution was also for last year, but we are just trying to figure out what direction we want to take it to. Also with this, I have thought of another book idea and will soon start to pursue that one as well.

Resolution No. 5 would be enjoy life and spend time with the loved ones.

These are just a few of the resolutions that I have for 2014.

As a side note, I did eat some black-eyed peas.

To the readers, I hope that you have a safe and healthy 2014.

Todd G. Higdon is a staff writer and writes a weekly column for the Neosho Daily News. He can be reached at thigdon@neoshodailynews.com. Follow him on twitter at @toddghigdonNDN.