Neosho’s taxi service has new owners, as of Jan. 1.

“I have had P&J’s Taxicab for four years, Nov. 1,” said Peggy Farmer, former owner.

Due to health issues, Farmer and her husband, Joe, opted to sell the business to local business owner Tom Workman and his wife, Kasie, who also own Workman’s Mini Mart.

“We had been interested in it for a while,” said Tom Workman. “Then we heard that Peggy was wanting to take a break, so we thought now would be a good opportunity to start the New Year.”

Farmer said she started out with four vehicles for the taxi service, which included a handicapped van at one time. Currently, the taxi service has two vehicles.

“We have done very well over the years, it is needed here very much,” Farmer said. “A lot of the older people can’t get around and of course people like to go out and party, if they are smart enough to call us instead of trying to drive.”

Farmer said the taxi service would have people in Neosho use her services. And as far as how far she would take someone in a cab, Farmer said, “We had gone all of the way up to Kansas City. I can’t pick up anybody outside of Neosho city limits. Yes, I can take them wherever they want to go.”

Farmer is going to miss her work.

“I loved doing this job, I took care of a lot of people,” she said. “I have helped a lot of people I know that I have. I am going to really, really, really miss these people.”

Workman noted that they have two vehicles for the service: a PT Cruiser and a 15-passengar van.

He, too, feels the need for a taxi service in town.

“Absolutely, it is one of them things that there is a lot of people who don’t drive any longer and it is a service that is needed, pretty much in every city that you live in,” he said. “So we just want to continue that. Peggy has a good little business and we would like to continue that operation.”

Workman said for the time being, the name P&J’s Taxicab will be the same “just because everyone is familiar with it. But slowly, we will transition into a new name.”

Workman said he and Kasie will be the drivers, and probably will use Peggy sometimes. They may also have a standby driver.

The phone number — 451-3767 — will remain the same as well.

“We hope to serve and to do a good job,” Workman said.