With the new year now upon us, several activities are underway. I got an interesting note from the Eastern Shawnee Tribe about a "winter gathering," on Jan. 11. If you are interested in Indian culture and history, it might be for you. The event will start at 2 p.m. on Jan. 11 with a cooking demonstration. A cook will prepare Grape Dumplings, which you will get to eat later on at the event.

After the cooking demonstration, there will be a "people scavenger hunt." I'm not sure how that will work but it sounds like fun and will no doubt be educational. This will be followed by a special presentation, "A Search for Eastern Shawnee History." The leader will discuss several ways to research Eastern Shawnee history. I suspect this will be a hit with genealogists because Indian history was not as well recorded as was the history of the European settlers in America.

Then it will be time for dinner. To start, someone will read the menu in the Shawnee language. The dinner menu will be fry bread (something I personally love), grape dumplings, mushroom and rice soup, brown beans, meat gravy, pork and corn.

The winter gathering will finish with a game of Bingo, using the numbers and names of animals in the Shawnee language.

I understand the event will be at the Tribal Annex which is near the old casino building and tribal library. If you want more information, contact Robin Dushane at rdushane@estoo.net or call  918-666-5151 ext.1845.

How lucky for us that the Eastern Shawnee, which are so close, make opportunities for various events. I hope several of you will take advantage of this winter gathering. May two or three of you can go together and make a fun time of it.

We have Chief Glenna Wallace to thank for focusing so much on retaining her tribe's history, and sharing it with her people and with we who are not of her tribe as well.

• • •

Jack Sanders stopped by the house recently to leave a copy of his new book, "Parson's Postings." Jack wrote a column in the Neosho Post when I was editor.

I wanted a column on faith and religion and Jack provided it. I remember when he started I asked that it be for everyone and not include a "Baptist altar call." He laughingly agreed.

A few weeks ago, Jack called and asked me to write a few lines for the book. I did so before he took it to the printer. Now the book is back and he has some copies if you are interested.

Several local people wrote columns for the Post, so I took extra copies to give them with a note suggesting they publish their own columns. I suspect there might be one or two more "Post" books in the future. I hope so.

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.