Mitchell Farris, the 6-month-old baby who has been missing since Jan. 2, has been found.

"The boy was located [Sunday] night in Miami, Fla.," Anderson Police Chief Donavon Pierson told the Neosho Daily News Monday. "He is safe and sound."

An Amber Alert was issued Friday evening for the baby by the Anderson Police Department. The infant had been placed in the home with his great-grandfather by the Division of Family Services. Authorities believe two people, Preston Wayne Farris, 34, and Anastasia Lynn McDaniel, 30, took the baby from his home at 10 Riverview Drive, Apt. No. 2 on Jan. 2. The two are believed to be the baby's biological parents.

"Both of the suspects are in custody in Florida on our charges and warrants," said the police chief. "The child — last that I checked as of [Sunday] night — was in the care of Florida Division of Family Services, awaiting all of the transport back up here."

"Local law enforcement in Florida was notified Saturday morning after the investigation showed the subjects were possibly in the Jacksonville, Fla., area," the chief said in a prepared statement. "Upon further investigation, it was found that McDaniel and Farris had left the Jacksonville area and were in the Miami-Dade area, where they were taken into custody."

The charges have a nationwide extradition held by the sheriff's department, Pierson explained, because it was a state warrant. Pierson added his department is continuing its investigation.

"When we find the kid, it is a great day, but our job is about half over," he said. "So now, we have to go through and compile everything that we have gotten and do an actual criminal investigation. Now we can actually go back and start doing our investigation for the criminal case."

Pierson said he hoped the infant will be returned to Anderson soon.

" I know that DFS was actively working with Florida trying to come up with a way to get the baby back," he said.