Just read an article that caused me to examine what makes me happy.

This article defined happiness these days as it applies to people 26 years of age and younger as suggesting promotion motivation and those my age focus on maintaining what we value including relationships and health — the bliss that comes from running our life smoothly and feeling secure.

The author of the article, Heide Grant Halvorsom, from “Health,” seems to have nailed it pretty well, in my opinion. “The young are relatively more focused on the future and the possibilities it holds and less concerned with responsibilities and avoiding mistakes,” according to Ms. Halvorsom. Are these hopeful conclusions?

I do agree that my contemporaries are “more content with what we have, and our biggest source of pleasure is keeping everyone secure and healthy.” She refers to Angelina Jolie, concluding “she projects the quiet confidence of a woman who has matured into prevention mode, cherishing the blessings in her life more than looking for her next adventure.” Would that we would all be content with our lives thus described.

Personally speaking I have some very happy moments. Reading a stimulating book and suddenly aware of the rain on the roof or the honking geese traveling south, an 8-year-old neighbor excitedly sharing with me a recent experience in his life.

Happiness! We seek our own definition of happiness, sometimes missing the fact that happiness comes in special moments, not necessarily day, a week, a time in our lives. There is extreme happiness when we successfully complete a project or task — the happiness sneaks up on us and we suddenly recognize that we are happy, an emotion that sometimes captures us when we least expect it.

Have you given thought to what makes you happy? Consider the happiness you receive when a loved one finds success. Have you received happiness at the effort of someone? Have you contributed to the happiness of another? I am convinced that at this moment there is a lot of happiness in this, the corner of the world where I am lucky to live. The forsythia, the daffodils, I’m even finding purple violets and on my hill, the beginnings of a carpet of purple hyacinth. What a blessing that costs nothing, I pray that I will never take it for granted.

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For now, I wish that you will find a time today when you are happy and when you know that you are.  

Alberta Anders writes a weekly column for the Daily News.