With family members in a camper, Gene Moore drove to the numerous garage sales on Friday in Neosho, as the Neosho City-wide Garage Sale began its two-day event.

“I live in Belize, Central America: we flew up to visit the kids and to come to the yard sales, we do it every year,” Moore said.

Inside his camper, he had his wife, a son who lives in Southwest Missouri, and grandchildren.

Moore and his wife have been married for 31 years.

“She wants to do this (shopping at the garage sales), so I am doing it,” he said.

Asked what they were looking for during the garage sales, Moore said, “Honestly, we don’t have anything in mind at all. We are just going from spot to spot just to see what is there. I don’t think that anybody has any one thing in mind, just looking.”

One thing in particular that his son, Michael Moore, found was a car years ago.

“When he (Michael) was 17, we found a Ford Mustang and he is 30 years old now,” said Moore. “He bought his first car at this event and he still has his Mustang.”

Moore said that the city-wide garage sale is a good thing.

“I think that everybody has a good time,” he said. “People getting rid of stuff that they want to get rid of, and I think that this is a good thing for Neosho.”

Just a little ways down on Oak Ride Drive, Misty Moon was helping customers at her garage sale.

“I have held these for probably I would say the last 20-plus years,” she said. “I have a lot of things to get rid of. I keep things every year, with little kids, they out grow things every year and all of my family gets together.”

Moon said she heard people walking up and down Oak Ridge Drive around 6:30 a.m. She opened her garage sale at 7 a.m.

Asked how the sales were going, Moon said, “Awesome, it has been a good year.”

Moon had a variety of items from household items to clothing. She said people were looking for many different things.

“It looks like mostly tools, big items. I sold two air conditioners, a lawn mower, kids clothes, a lot of kids clothes,” she said.

She holds the sales on both days – Friday and Saturday. Moon said that Friday is busier and in the mornings on the days as well.

“People think that if they get here before anybody else, they are going to find the better deal,” Moon said.

Pushing a baby stroller, Kasey Overman, Quapaw, Okla., was looking at items with her daughter, Madison.

“I come every year,” Overman said. “I am always looking for bargains, but I love hitting the house-to-house rummage sales. Looking for kids clothes, looking for any outdoor activities, things like that.”

She arrived in Neosho at 8 a.m. Friday, parked at one of the churches on Oak Ridge Drive and walked up and down the street.

“I have a full cart already,” Overman said.

She applauded the residents who hold the garage sales.

“Everything is always organized at every house so nicely, good prices,” she said. “We always have a good time. That is why I come back every year.”
Asked if she was staying both days, she said no.

“Just Friday, we will get all of the good bargains today,” Overman said.
Heather Thorne was another person who set up a garage sale, filled with various items from clothing to household goods.

“The men are looking for tools and things like that,” Thorne said. “The women seem geared toward the clothes. We have sold a lot of clothes, lots of kids’ clothes.”

About the sale

• Deemed Missouri’s Largest Garage Sale, Neosho has hosted the event for 26 years;

• An estimated 8,000 bargain hunters traditionally attend the event;

• More than 350 garage sales were held this year.