Kent Oliver enjoys the outdoors. He loves to fish in and canoe on area streams, lakes and creeks, particularly Hickory Creek.

But he doesn’t like seeing trash in the waterways or on its banks. So on Saturday, he is organizing the seventh annual Hickory Creek Stream Cleanup event.

“It is my passion for keeping the stream cleaned,” said Oliver. “I hate to go to any stream and see trash, it really bugs and annoys me.”

Starting at noon Saturday at the pavilion near the ball fields at Morse Park, Oliver is asking for volunteers to come out to help clean Hickory Creek and its banks.

After a brief introduction, Oliver said, “We will go for about a couple of hours and cover from the bridge at the helicopter down to the low water bridge.”

Morse Park gets used a lot for picnics, family gatherings, ball games, and walking the trails. Over the years, however, trash has been a problem.

“We will be picking up your standard cups, Styrofoam cups, plastic bottles, plastic bags,” he said. “A lot of stuff gets blown out of the trash cans or just left behind on the picnic tables. The other day, I went drove back behind Kwik Mart, back there where the soccer fields are and I saw about 10 trash cans kicked over with trash all over the field.”

During the cleanup, Oliver will have gloves and trash bags for people to use. The trash bags will then be put over by the Dumpster in the park and park personnel will pick it up, he noted.

Asked if over the years if he is seeing more or less trash at Hickory Creek, Oliver said, “more of an influx. We don’t see the bigger items (such as tires and mattresses) as much. The majority of the big stuff has been cleaned out of the stream, it is more of the litter which can go in the trash can, like bottles, beer bottles, plastic bats, the whole gamut.”

The cleanup should last about two to three hours.

“We are trying to keep it clean,” Oliver said. “It is an ongoing battle, it always is down there.”

For more information, please call Oliver at 592-9435.