Spring has arrived — I think.

It has been a long, tough winter. However, I would guess that people will now have something to talk about — kinda like your grandfather who had to walk three miles to school in knee-deep snow.

I think this winter has taught us tolerance and patience because we couldn't do anything about it. We just had to take it.

Speaking of weather, I hate to badmouth anyone, but I am so disappointed in the Weather Channel on television. I used to love it because anytime of day, in just a short time, I could get the current weather and the forecast for two or three days ahead. Now, I have sometimes sat for a half hour and never got my weather. They are running some outdoor show or they are so focused on the big cities that they pass right over Missouri. They tend to show Atlanta weather often, so I guess I can tell if it's raining on my sister's yard or if she hiding out under the air conditioner.

I saw recently they were promoting a new "show" for the morning. They promoted it by saying, "Not just a forecast, but a show!"

The show has weather, news, sports, entertainment and who knows what else. If I want a show, I can find plenty on other channels.

When Sue Boyce lived in town, her parents came to visit once in a while. They lived in rural Michigan and didn't get the Weather Channel. Sue's dad loved the Weather Channel and spent a lot of his time just watching. In a half hour, he could see the weather patterns and forecast all over the nation two or three times.

Sue used to say she should put the videotape on and record a half hour of the Weather Channel. Then she could  send it home with her dad so he could watch it at home any time.

I was in a hotel recently and it had a channel called "Weather Nation." I was very impressed. I understand one of our area television news stations has switched to this channel, also. This area station is not one I often watch, but I think I will try to remember to tune in to this channel now.

Sorry, Weather Channel — you used to be so good!

Warm weather means gardening for many people. We don't put in many early things but Russell did plant some radishes and they are up and doing well. Like everyone else, I'm eager to get tomato plants in the ground. I hear that Jack Sours has some under plastic and is trying for an early tomato. Hope they are doing well. And I hope you are enjoying our spring. May it bring plenty of rain.

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.