Grace, Grace. What can I say about Grace?

She’s adorable. She’s precocious. She’s not shy!

Grace is the 3-year old daughter of Neosho Daily News sports editor Levi Payton; and she lights up the newsroom on her frequent stays with Daddy. If she’s anything like her daddy, then great things are ahead for Levi Payton. His daughter is already a star around here.

Grace will tell you what’s what. She’ll tell you you’re wrong. And she will debate you!

She’ll offer you a french fry or a piece of popcorn (though is not so generous with a chicken nugget or a cheeseburger); and she’ll continue to let you know that she wants a “cookie” when all you have to offer is a “cracker”.

I’ve found that Grace does not like to be called “Little Lady” (I’ve surmised that means she’s in trouble when she hears it at home), but when I first see her as she goes up to greet the ladies up front and say, “There’s Trouble,” she does a quick 180 and gives me the cutest little evil glare. I must touch on something there: I’ve had granddaughters for going on 14 years, I love to pick on little girls.

Grace is such a wonderful addition to the NDN newsroom, and the entire complex, when we have her. She’s a princess. She can be a demon! The picture her daddy now uses as wallpaper of Grace glaring down an imaginary batter as she stands on the pitcher’s mound at Crowder College is PRICELESS!

Like I said, She is not shy! Sometimes we have to work around here. She keeps us smiling as we toil. It’s such a shame she has to grow up and won’t have so much time for us when she begins school.

Until then, I’m sure many less than adventurous pre-school teachers are relieved that she is with us, and not telling them how to run their show.

Dave Horvath is a staff writer for the Neosho Daily News.