With a paintbrush in one hand and a canvas on an easel, Teresa Dilsaver of Republic, Mo., participated in the annual Art in the Park at George Washington Carver National Monument on Saturday.

Plein air artists set up along the trail, capturing the beauty of the woodlands, prairie and streams. She opted to paint the Moses Carver house.

“I have been coming down here for at least the last four years, so I started it then,” she said. “I worked on it two years and then last year, it was raining, so I did something else up at the closer to the building.”

Asked why she opted to paint the home, Dilsaver said, “I do a lot of farms, do a lot of log cabins, old machinery, that type of thing. It is what attracted me the first time around. I am hoping to get it finished (Saturday) or at least to the point that I can finish it at the house so next year I can do something a little bit different.”

Dilsaver said the first part of the painting involved doing the sky, then moving forward to the background trees.

“In fact, whenever I first painted this one, the trees were like they were now, not a whole lot of foliage on them,” she said. “Then the next year that I came back, the leaves were out a little bit more. This year, I want to finish the details on the house and get the fence in.”

George didn’t live in the house, but Dilsaver said she might put George in the front yard with some plants.

Dilsaver said getting the shingles on the roof was one of the hardest aspects of painting the Carver home.

“I also have a funny feeling that this fence getting it to look with the zig-zag, to get it in proportion,” she said.

Dilsaver began painting more than 25 years ago. As far as how she got interested in painting, Dilsaver said,” this is what all of the art community hates to hear, but I started painting by watching Bob Ross on PBS. I then picked up a brush and tried it.”

Once she completes the painting of the Carver house, she might have her husband make a barn wood frame for it.

“And maybe donating this one,” she added.