The Crowder College Board of Trustees heard – on first reading – the preliminary budget draft for the FY2015 during Tuesday’s board meeting.
Dr. Jim Cummins, vice president of finance at Crowder College, presented the preliminary budget to the trustees at the student center Fireside Room at the Neosho campus.

“We are looking at expected increases in a few areas,” said Cummins. “We budgeted a 2 percent increase in the state funding, 2 percent in our local taxes based on growth. Our tuition increases will add to our revenue, but we are budgeting enrollment flat, so whatever our enrollment is this year, we are projecting to stay pretty level.”

Cummins said there was also an increase in expenditures.

“We are looking at 2 percent raises for full time staff, that would be effective July 1 and then the board prior to Jan. 1 of this year, approved a $100 a month increase in board paid insurance,” he added. “So that will have a full year effect next year.”

But overall, Cummins said the budget is balanced.

“It allows us to do the things that we want to do going forward and still have some room in there for our own capital improvement needs, repairing and maintenance around campus,” he said. “So we think that it is a good budget, we think that it is very conservative and look forward to another good year.”

By the numbers

• Foundation contributions down $25,000, also reflected in scholarships issues (zero net impact);

• Capital pledge of $558,250 (these have increased significantly over the past couple of years);

• Bookstore increase of 5 percent, expansions in Webb City and McDonald County, as well as COLA on merchandise;

• Food service increase 15 percent based upon RRV (Roughrider Village) residents;

• Housing increase $500,000 based upon current occupancy rate;

• $400,000 in enhancement money (equipment purchased on 50/50, 75/25 match); and

• Increase in area school tuition $100,000-plus based upon enrollment numbers for the next year.

Also during the board meeting, the trustees:

• Accepted five retirements: Shirley Burns, financial aid administrative assistant; Paula Nichols, UB/UBMS assistant director for college transitions; Ken Rhuems, Title III activity director/curriculum specialist; Patsy Garner, teacher ed coordinator/education and psychology instructor; and Lee Simek, telecommunications specialists.

• Accepted five resignations of employees; Charity Williams, help desk assistant; Jennifer Johnson, public services librarian; Natasha Royer, computer and network support instructor; Pamela Ellis, performance consultant, The Alliance for Business; and Morgan Williams, behavior specialist, autism department;

• Employed nine: Jared Brown, accounting assistant; Ismary Hernandez, help desk assistant; Ashley Jones, PSP career service specialist (public safety project); Bradley Dorris, AEL instructor; Emily Denham, bookstore customer service associate; Craig Grisham, agronomy instructor; Natasha O’Brien, theatre instructor; Denna Clymer, history/geography instructor; and Angela Williams, nursing instructor.