The Neosho Youth Soccer League wrapped up a fantastic spring season on April 28, tabbing champions in four age groups.

The Neosho Youth Soccer League wrapped up a fantastic spring season on April 28, tabbing champions in four age groups.

The 5-6 league champions went to Poore’s Auto Salvage, coached by Michelle Smith and David Sherwood. The 7-8 champs was Hunte Corporation, coached by Gabe Ellison. There were co-champs in the 9-11 league with Mower Pro Plus (Jerry Baker) and Ward Dirt Relocators (Rodney Edwards) shared the league title. A pair of teams also split the title in the 12-14 league, as Poore’s Auto Salvage (Alexander) and Boulevard Bank (Cody Johnson) were co-champions.

Results from the final week of April 24-28 were:

April 24
5-6 league
Poore’s Auto Salvage (Nick Smith) 4, David’s Tools 0
A three-goal game by Zane Thomberry helped lead Poore’s Auto Salvage to a shutout victory. Alex Falkenstein also booted a goal.
Brynlee Jones, Dana Caldwell and Oliver Marton each had a save for David’s Tools.

7-8 league
Pro Lube Maintenance 3, Poore’s Auto Salvage (Burr) 0
Victor Hawkins, Kimberly Hernandez and Conner Jones each booted a goal and the defense was unrelenting, as Pro Lube Maintenance cruised to a shutout victory. Jones and Wyatt Murphy each recorded a save in goal.
Parker Hughes had one save for Poore’s Auto Salvage.

Hunte Corporation 4, Poore’s Auto Salvage (Warren) 2
Anthony Guinac was an offensive force as he scored all four of Hunte Corporation’s goals to lead the team to a 4-2 victory. Kaylee Schibi and Xavier Tomlinson both had solid games in goal with three saves apiece.
Robert Ball blasted both goals for Poore’s Auto Salvage, and Basilia Cifuentes saved two shots in the loss.

9-11 league
Ward Dirt Relocators 7, Online Puppy Direct 0
Nearly the entire team got onto the stat sheet for Ward Dirt Relocators as they cruised to a blowout victory en route to a co-championship.
Erick Estrada and Rogelio Gutierrez Jr. both blasted two goals in the win, while Carlos Estrada, Walker Stipp and Trevon Yens also scored. Wyatt Friend and Weston Ward both had a hand in pitching the shutout with a save apiece in goal.
Jason Chavez saved seven shots for Online Puppy Direct.

Poore’s Auto Salvage (Schooler) 5, Mazzio’s 2
Breanna Alwardo recorded a hat trick by blasting three goals to lead her team to a 5-2 victory. Monica Potter and Nicholas Garza also had goals for Poore’s Auto Salvage, while Isreal Rogers saved four shots.
Conner Jordan scored a goal and saved two shots for Mazzio’s, while Oscar Aguilera scored a goal and saved a shot and Matthew Keaton had one save.

12-14 league
Poore’s Auto Salvage (Russo) 3, Aguilera Sales and Salvage 2
A three-goal game by Jaron Crawford was just enough for Poore’s Auto Salvage to escape with a 3-2 victory. Goalie Jacob Fina had one save in the win.
Maguel Aguilera scored both goals for Aguilera Sales and Salvage, while Joey Padilla saved one shot.

Boulevard Bank 6, American Family Insurance 1
Dawson Mock booted three goals, while teammates Brayden Johnson, Draven House and Blake Norris had one goal apiece in Boulevard Bank’s 6-1 win.
Despite the deficit, American Family Insurance kept plugging away and blasted plenty of shots on goal, but Boulevard Bank goalkeepers Brayden Johnson and Tucker Lane were simply too good. Along with his goal, Johnson saved nine shots to lead the team, while Lane saved six shots.
Dylan McNeill and Connor Hughes both recorded four saves for American Family Insurance, while Blake Glisson saved two shots and Dylan Collins scored a goal.

April 26
5-6 league
Poore’s Auto Salvage (M. Smith) 10, David’s Tools 0
Santino Gomez had a game he won’t soon want to forget, blasting a whopping eight goals to lead his team to a 10-0 shutout. Juan Lopez and Drew Sherwood both scored for Poore’s Auto Salvage.
Axel Alvorado saved two shots for David’s Tools, and Dana Caldwell had one save.

Poore’s Auto Salvage (Snow) 2, J.A. Howe Logging 2
In a game that was nip and tuck the entire way, Poore’s Auto Salvage and J.A. Howe Logging fought to a draw in a nail-biter.
Gatlyn Rebold and Peyton Snow both scored goals for Poore’s Auto Salvage, while Leila McClendon led the team with three saves. Alexis Edens and Ryan Farris also had a save for Poore’s.
Emma VanDorn netted both goals for J.A. Howe Logging, while Anthony Howe led the team with five saves in goal.

7-8 league
Poore’s Auto Salvage (Coatney) 7, Marco Group 2
Braylon Breesie had yet another in a long line of big games for Poore’s Auto Salvage this season, this time scoring five goals to lead his team to a convincing victory. Anthony Avitua also got in on the fun for Poore’s by scoring two goals.
Aden Linehan scored both goals for Marco Group, while Cooper Horne saved four shots and Jess Porter chipped in a pair of saves.

Poore’s Auto Salvage (Warren) 2, Farrell Construction 1
Goals by Dayton Warren and Jonathan Tribbey, coupled with some solid defense, was enough for Poore’s Auto Salvage to edge Farrell Constrution.
Hudson Williams scored the lone goal for Farrell Construction.

Hunte Corporation 7, Pro Lube Maintenance 1
Anthony Guinac blasted three goals, Ezequiel Pupo netted two and Nick Shaeffer and Kaylee Schibi scored once to lead Hunte Corporation to victory. While the offense was on a roll all game, Xavier Tomlinson turned back any threat from Pro Lube Maintenance and recorded five saves to lead the team.
Conner Jones led Pro Lube Maintenance with two saves and Byron Anderson scored a goal.

9-11 league
Poore’s Auto Salvage (Lucas) 1, Online Puppy Direct 0
Mark Stinson booted a goal and saved four shots to help Poore’s Auto Salvage escape in a close one.
Goalie Jason Chavez saved four shots for Online Puppy Direct.

Mower Pro Plus 7, Mazzio’s 1
A big offensive showing from Cesar Piedresanto helped lead Mower Pro Plus in this one. Piedresanto blasted four goals in the game, while Alex Vargas scored twice and Jercyn Baker once. Carter Colston led the team with one save.
Oscar Aguilera scored the lone goal for Mazzio’s.

Poore’s Auto Salvage (Nina) 2, Poore’s Auto Salvage (Schooler) 1
Teagan Farrister scored a goal and Jose Alexis Ramos saved three shots as Poore’s Nina defeated Poore’s Schooler in a thriller. The second goal for Poore’s Nina was not reported.
Meanwhile, Isreal Rogers had a monster day in goal for Poore’s Schooler, saving 17 shots in the valiant effort. Taylor Schooler scored the lone goal in the loss.

12-14 league
Boulevard Bank 6, Poore’s Auto Salvage (Russo) 0
Statistics for this game were not available.

Aguilera Sales and Rental 6, Poore’s Auto Salvage (Alexander) 2
Miguel Aguilera ended his spring season with a bang, scoring all six goals for his team in a 6-2 victory.
Landon Doke and Triston Arvett both scored goals for Poore’s Auto Salvage.

April 28
5-6 league
J.A. Howe Logging 3, David’s Tools 1
In the final day of the spring league, Emma VanDorn came through again for her team with two goals in J.A. Howe Logging’s win. Anthony Howe saved two shots in the win. The scorer of their third goal was not available.
Axel Alvorado scored the lone goal for David’s Tools, while Chloe Newman had two saves and Dana Caldwell and Brynlee Jones had one stop each.

Poore’s Auto Salvage (Snow) 6, 1st Choice Chiropractic 1
Peyton Snow booted four goals and Gatlyn Rebold saved four shots to help lead Poore’s Auto Salvage to victory. The other four goals scored for Poore’s were not available.
Ireta Murphy, Isabel Stidham and Jaiden Fisher had one save apiece for 1st Choice Chiropractic, and Juan Enrique Sanchez scored one goal.

Poore’s Auto Salvage (M. Smith) 4, Poore’s Auto Salvage (N. Smith) 0
Drew Sherwood, Juan Lopez and Santino Gomez scored goals to help lead their team to a shutout victory. Christopher Lopez saved one shot to earn the win in goal.
Further statistics were not available.