More than 113 awards were given out on Thursday during the Crowder Quill fourth annual campus and community-wide awards ceremony, poetry reading and luncheon.

The Quill is a literary and art magazine of Crowder College.

One of the recipients was Sofi Sanchez Salcedo an international student from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“It is my first time entering and I won something,” she said. “I am very excited.”

Salcedo entered the 2D Media category and won a gold award for her work titled “Alegrias del Hogar.”

“The first thing that I did was take a picture of these flowers they are called ‘Alegrias del Hogar,’ which means ‘Joys of the House,’” she said. “They are very pretty, they bloom all different colors. So I took a picture and then I transferred onto paper and pencil, so I sketched it out. It was a black and white photograph. Then when I was sketching it, I marked off what parts were going to be completely black and then with a black pen, I started painting those in.”

The flowers when took a picture of are from her home country of Argentina.

“The photo, I kept in my phone and I was looking at my photos one day and I missed them so I drew them,” Salcedo said.

She said she enjoyed participating in the Quill and hopes to again. She also encourages others to participate.

“It is an amazing opportunity, you don’t pay anything to get in, you might win an award and even if you don’t, you are around people who like art,” she said. “Everyone should join, it is a great opportunity.”

Prior to the luncheon, the Quill was dedicated to Jim Tatum.

According to the program, “Tatum served the college for 50 years… this, the first dedication for the Crowder Quill, befittingly goes to the man whose servant-leadership has been an inspiration for five decades at Crowder College.”