Assaults in the same location on two consecutive nights have left one man with critical injuries, and another with charges pending.

No charges have yet been filed in the first case, for which Dave McCracken, police chief, Neosho, said facts remain murky as the victim remains hospitalized and uncooperative.

McCracken said police responded to the Hoppi Court in the 700 block of West McCord at 10:33 p.m. Tuesday for a domestic situation between a man and his girlfriend.

“She ran to a friend’s house, and he was trying to get her to come out,” McCracken said.

McCracken said she came out after awhile and the two got into it. He explained that she stated she was in fear of being assaulted and had a knife, and she stabbed the victim, who remains unidentified. McCracken said the man was hospitalized in critical condition, but is now stable.

He said neither party wishes to prosecute, and no charges will be filed until solid evidence can be substantiated. McCracken has discussed the case with prosecutors, who say they need more information to press charges, questioning the quality of witness and citing the lack of cooperation. He hopes the situation will change when the victim is not so medicated.

“But right now he’s not wanting to cooperate and provide a complete story about what happened,” the police chief said.

Police were called to the same location for another assault at 11:06 p.m. Wednesday. McCracken said charges are pending against the suspect, who allegedly struck Harley Haslip, 53, on the face and body.

“Just a simple assault, really,” he said.

McCracken said Haslip was treated and released. He said the suspect was arrested and posted bond, and a request for charges has been sent to the prosecutor.