The weather has certainly been diverse on my early morning walks along Wildcat Boulevard this spring. Temperatures vary from nearly 70 to frost with temperatures in the 30s. I'm glad I did not put up my winter walking gear.

The weather all over the country has been unpredictable. The National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C., reported 2,071 record lows in the United States in March. There were also 242 record highs.

The birds don't seem to mind the weather changes. Nearly every day I am serenaded by a mocking bird in the trees near the Don Ward Ag Building. He sings a variety of bird songs, most which I do not recognize. Still I enjoy the concert.

Birds seem to like to sing early in the morning. I am sometimes so amazed, I stop and listen to the birds singing away. If you pay close attention, there are more bird songs in the air than you think there could be.  

Several different things happened lately — some in my normal life and some on my walks. I spotted scissor-tailed fly catchers for the first time on April 18. These birds with the strange tails are beautifully colored. I am amazed at how noisy they can be.

They seem to like to roost on the tall lights in the parking lot where the Neosho Schools' bus barn once stood.  

The other morning I watched a starling taking a bath in our water pan when it was raining. I guess he wanted to be double clean.

One day a couple of weeks back I used my table saw outside while it was snowing. This happens often in the winter, but not in April? The next day I did a little mowing and it began to hail. A rotary mower makes a good ice crusher.

One late afternoon we spotted a wild turkey in the parking lot of the former Ford dealership where Quality Petroleum is now in business. I doubt he was there to buy any petroleum products, but I was glad to see him in town. Keeping a strong turkey population in Newton County has been difficult.

Take a walk, enjoy the wildlife around you, use those signal lights, watch for pedestrians, and see what you notice while passing along Wildcat Boulevard.

Russell Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.