Just a reminder to local photographers that the digital photo contest for pictures around the fish hatchery is coming to a close. Entries must be at the hatchery by June 9. If you don't have the rules, they may be picked up at the hatchery.

Hope you participate and come up with a winner.

I was very flattered by the art students and their teacher, Casey Stueber, for choosing a chapter in my book, "Red, Hot and Dusty," for a project. The results were amazing. I enjoyed seeing their work and hearing about their enthusiasm for the "pigeon art."

Another person, I suspect, who had a role in the subject chosen for the project was Judy Smith. Judy is a strong supporter of Crowder College and especially the art department.

Thanks to the students, the teacher and Judy. It has been fun.

Last weekend was very hectic and I want to thank some of my Masonic friends for their help on Saturday afternoon. I had planned to go out and share in their pig roast but things kept popping up. The event ended at 4 p.m. but by the time I caught my breath, it was that time. Even though the event was over, Russell and I went out to the Masonic Hall to see if there was anything left.

They had already shut everything down, having sold out of the side dishes. But Brian Ward called me to the kitchen and filled a take-home box full of barbecued pork. I stopped by the pay desk where Henry Freund had been taking money. I paid him for the pork and then, my friend, Bill Spiva, insisted on giving me a pound of smoked bacon which the Masons were selling also. And even better, I got a big hug from Bill.

I went home with the start of some great sandwiches.

Russell left for a four-day trip early the next morning so I got the lion's share of that box of barbecue. It lasted until Russell got home so I didn't have any trouble finding something around the house to eat while he was gone.

The Music Fest at the hatchery is upcoming. The bands are lined up but as people hear about it, several musicians have called wanting to be a part of the festivities. If the Fest is held next year, they will have several more bands to choose from because of the interest.

Money raised will go to Wounded Warriors so I hope you will come out to hear the music and make a donation. I'm sure there will be food to purchase, items to bid on and lots of fellowship to go with the music.

The fest runs from noon to 9 p.m. and is family friendly, with no alcohol allowed. The Friends group will open the hatchery bookstore/gift shop for several hours and I hope you will stop in to look around and find something you can't live without.

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.