With Friday’s nice weather, a group of students and faculty from Crowder College’s Pigeon Studio Art Club planted some flowers in the new flowerboxes in front of the Newton County Historical Park and Museum, 121 N. Washington St., Neosho.

“We are planting these flowers that the Pigeon Studio Art Club donated,” said Casey Stueber, college instructor. “The students just wanted to come out, do something for the community and thought that this would be something really great to do.”

Park director Deanna Booyer approached the art club about doing the planting.

“We had terribly dilapidated flowerboxes to begin with, they were basically going to be thrown away,” Booyer said. “On that note, I had done a little research and found that this building had opened as a museum to the public Memorial Day 1958. I thought, what perfect timing to honor the museum.”

Booyer said a local businessman donated three new flowerboxes for the front porch of the museum.

“They are metal constructed, powder coated green, which is same green that the old flowerbox trashcans that were scattered around town back in the 1950s during the Flowerbox City push,” she said. “We have one back here by our gate.”

Two of the students who participated in the planting of the flowers were Hope Gutierrez and Katherine Hackney.

“I’m very honored to be here,” said Gutierrez said. “It is nice that we can get out to the community.”

Hackney agreed.

“It is great. I do a lot at home,” said Hackney.

Stueber said she hoped students would take away the notion of giving back to the community.

 “That it is really good to give back to the community, especially as when it is something as big as their [historical society] anniversary,” said Stueber. “So we hope to do more volunteer work like this.”

Once the flowers were planted, the Crowder group looked around the museum.

Booyer is also pleased that the group came out on Friday.

“I was most grateful that they opted to come and do what they are going to do,” Booyer said.

Booyer said she hopes that others will be encouraged to follow suit and volunteer.

“I would love to see community involvement with each other, every group, organization, business, school kids, individuals, help each other out, do things for each other,” she said.