Fred Reed and his wife, Carolyn, went to Neosho’s IOOF Cemetery on May 24, to put flowers on five of their family’s graves.

Just a couple of days later, the flowers were gone.

“They are stealing the flowers on tombstones. [On Thursday,] we went to see if they had blown off of the graves or anything,” he said. “We didn’t find them.”

Fred said that they placed the flowers in vases on the gravesites.
“She has some vases there, puts the flowers there and puts the rocks to hold them,” he said. “The rocks are lying on the ground. The vases are there.”

Even though there is the cost factor of purchasing the flowers and the time to put them on the graves, Fred said there is something more to it.
“It is the idea of people that would steal off of a grave,” he said. “People are pretty low who would steal flowers off of a grave.”

The Reeds didn’t contact law enforcement.

“They (flowers) are gone,” said Fred. “It just aggravates you when you go up and they are gone. My family is buried at Belfast, we don’t have any trouble out there. Of course it is off out in the country.”