The name of the 3-year-old who died from a gunshot wound to the head on Monday morning has been released.

“We have notified all of [the next of kin] right now, her name is Miranda Dorerr,” Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland said. “The autopsy was scheduled for Thursday in Springfield, but the last that I talked to the coroner [Mark Bridges] a while ago, I don’t think that he is going to do one. I think that they are going to do an organ harvest instead.”

Copeland said, “At this point, there is nothing to indicate other than an accidental shooting.”

After the shooting, Dorerr’s 6-year-old brother was removed from the house, Bykota Mobile Home Park, 11319 FF Highway, lot number B24.

“The brother is still out of the house,” he added.

As far as what is next, a child’s death review board made up of prosecutor, corner, police investigators, DFS investigators and a couple of other agencies, will meet.

“Then they will review all of the facts and everything, but as of right now, it looks like an accidental gunshot,” he said.

Copeland said the brother would be out of the household until the findings are released.
Copeland advised parents with guns and children in the home to get a gunlock.

“Just an extra warning to parents you have got to secure your firearms in a house with kids of any age, they have to be secured,” he said. “Come down to the sheriff’s office, we have gunlocks we give away for free.”