Summer is getting closer and closer, according to my work calendar, but honestly, I think that it is already here. While typing this week’s column, the temperature is 90 degrees and rising.

So with that in mind, air conditioners in homes and cars or even fans will be used in full force. But there are a couple of other ways people can cool off this summer: either by going swimming or to area creeks or lakes.

As I was driving around Neosho the other day, I saw people in the pool and even children playing in the Big Spring wading pool. I remember growing up, my folks took Greg and me to the wading pool. It was a lot of fun. Then when I was in the third grade, the Neosho Pool offered swimming lessons. Those lessons were very valuable and I encourage others to take swimming lessons.

After passing the class, you could not keep me out of the pool. When we traveled in the summer, we would always stay in a hotel with a swimming pool. We would spend countless hours in the pool. On occasion, we would stay at Holiday Inns, where they would have indoor pools and video game centers, where the pool never closed. Those were the good old days.

Aside from going to swimming pools to cool off, our neighbor when I was growing up was Shelli Smith. I remember one year, her parents bought her a Slip-n-Slide. That is where you could hook up the garden hose and one by one, we would run and slide. Oh what fun. I now wish I had one at my house.

There was also the traditional garden sprinkler that mom and dad hooked up, so that we could run through the sprinkler.

As I close this column this week, watch out for the weather and if you can, take a swim in one of the area swimming pools or creeks.

Todd G. Higdon is a staff writer and writes a weekly column for the Neosho Daily News. He can be reached at Follow him on twitter at  @toddghigdonNDN