The Neosho High School Show Choirs are raising funds to help finance some of their performances by hosting a fireworks stand during this 4th of July holiday season.

Jana Kidd, public relations, Neosho choir board, reported, “They have to finance a lot of different things to put on their show choirs and to go to competitions. They have to purchase costumes, they have props that have to be built, they have competition fees and things that have to be paid and it gets very expensive for the students.”

Kidd said the students will conduct several fundraisers over the summer and some more throughout the year to work off some of that money they have to pay.

“The more hours they work, the less expense they will have,” she said.

She said about 50 girls are in Sugar & Spice, and the about 50 Choraleers are a combination of boys and girls.

“They compete primarily in January and February just about every weekend at some different location within the state,” Kidd said.

“Choraleers has to compete in a 5A group with very large schools. Last year they came home with lots of trophies, and the year before it was Sugar & Spice’s year, so hopefully this year will be both their years and they’ll both come home with lots of trophies.

“The kids work very hard and are very talented.  They must audition to be selected, and the school even gave us our own trophy case to hold all the trophies, but it can't be done without parent and community support!”

The Neosho High School Show Choirs hope to receive the community’s support by patronizing their fireworks stand, located in the Happy House parking lot, 1025 S. Neosho Boulevard.