Neosho police warn residents that a scam is being conducted by phone in the community, and the scammers are trying to use the police department in their effort to separate you from your money.

Chief Dave McCracken said at least a half dozen residents have reported receiving the calls from someone representing themselves to be with the police department.

“They are using some type of app on their phone to change the caller ID to show the main line to the police department here as the number that is calling, and they are wanting money from people for debts that they may or may not owe, and telling them there may be warrants issued for their arrest if they don’t pay,” McCracken said.

McCracken said the police department does not collect debts nor get involved in civil issues.

“We just want to make sure that everyone is warned about this,” he said. “We have these things come through – different types of scams like this all the time – we just want to make sure people know that they are out there, and not to get caught up and be a victim of it.”

McCracken said none of those receiving the calls have allowed it to go so far that they were provided a means of how to pay.

“Most people are pretty suspicious of the activity,” he said.

If you should receive such a call, McCracken said the best thing to do is to try to get as much information as you can while providing them with little or none. Then call police, who will follow up on the investigation.

“They’re changing the caller ID so that it’s going to be difficult, but depending on what their requests are, try to get as much information and then call police and let us take it from there,” the police chief said.

He said in some past scams, the scammers have quickly sent someone by the house to pick up the money after making the call.

“If that’s the case,” he said, “then they need to call the police and hopefully we can intercept it before it gets any farther than that.”

Call Neosho police during regular business hours at 451-8012. Otherwise call 451-8333.