Russell and I had two things happen that don't happen very often. We got two letters — you know, those things that are written by pencil or pen and put in a mailbox. And, as newspaper people, we don't often get compliments. Everyone seems to focus on mistakes like misspelling a name, getting a number wrong or just making a big mistake. Those two letters were complimentary of our writing — and they came on the same day.

I won't embarrass the letter writers by naming them, but rest assured the letters meant a lot to both of us. Thanks for your kind and gentle words.

We made a quick trip to Minnesota last week to attend a 100th birthday party. We had a very enjoyable time and got to see many old friends from our years in the North. The weather was wonderful and some friends insisted that we stay with them and they treated us like royalty.

We didn't have much time to do anything special, but we did stop at the Pipestone National Monument. We visit this place as often as we can when we go north. This year, we spotted a couple of park rangers in a neat little white vehicle. It was an electric car that looked like a little pickup. We stopped on one of the roads in the Monument and flagged the pickup down to take a picture.

We had a nice little chat with the rangers.  They said the vehicle works really well for them. They use it all day on the monument grounds and then plug it into a socket each night. The next morning, it's fired up and ready to go.

When we finished talking to them, they pulled away and there was not a sound from the little pickup.

Some athletes from Britain and from across the United States are coming soon. We are going to house three of the Brits. It is fun to have them and after a couple of hours we get rather used to their accent.

They are easy keepers because they will be in training when they get here for the competition. Usually, you don't see much of them at first because they are training or competing. Breakfast is about the only time you see them and they eat very lightly.
But after they compete, they can indulge a little more.

We don't know the couple who are coming, but the single lady has been in our house before. She, her husband and son stayed with us a few years ago. We are looking forward to seeing Pat again.

So, if you see some extremely slim and healthy-looking folks around town soon, say hello and make them welcome. They like to walk and don't often need a lift to go somewhere, they just get directions and off they go. You are apt to see them around the square and in the parks, so don't be bashful. They will love talking to you and finding out about you.

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.