A new building is being constructed on the Neosho Christian School’s campus.
Project developers are asking for some help with the construction.

“We are calling it a pre-kindergarten building for Neosho Christian School,” said Chris Marion, president of Construction Services Group.

Marion said he heard about the plan to build the new building recently. Marion’s youngest son went to the school last year.

“I had heard [school officials] talking about wanting to do a building, but they had limited funds, and they were going to be looking for volunteer work,” he said. “I contacted [former superintendent/principal Lawrence Sanders], said that I heard they were looking for help and I would be happy to help in anyway that we could.”

Marion said that Sanders had some sketches on paper about the building.

“I said, I will take care of all your drawings for you, getting the engineer, getting the permitting process, and then what we will do is basically manage the project for you,” said Marion.

They started back in April, completed the drawings in May and broke ground on the 1,000-square-foot building in late June.

Currently, they are seeking volunteers to help out on the project.

“We have not had anyone step up to help with concrete, I am looking for some more people that will be willing to help,” said Marion. “We are still hoping to find somebody that would be willing to place and finish the concrete slab. We are still looking for somebody to still do the plumbing: that is another key element that we don’t have anybody locked in on. There are some material suppliers that are offering to provide material as a donation or at a discounted price. Anybody that wants to donate, [the school] can give them a donation receipt for tax purposes.

“Anybody that would be willing to help out with labor or even some materials, there is still materials and stuff that we are looking for, just anything in the lines of construction.”

Marion said that the school has had some fundraisers which have been successful.

The one-story brick building is completely detached from the current building.

“It consists of a large classroom, restrooms, a commons area, and some storage and mechanical space,” he said.

The target completion date is by the fall of this year. For those who would like to help, please contact Marion at 451-5743.

“[The school is] making accommodations in their existing facility to handle enrollment of the pre-kindergarten,” he said. “As soon as we get the building completed and occupancy permit, they will move them back into the new building.”

Marion said that he believes the school is a good thing for the community.

“I think that they are a valuable component to Neosho,” he said. “They provide a quality education, kind of an alternative to public school that some people are looking for. We are very honored that we had the ability and opportunity to help them out.”