Early Thursday morning, Kate Anderson was getting ready to show her two Hampshire hogs during the Newton County Fair.

“I have shown for four or five years, not very long, but it has been fun,” she said. “I had some really close friends that showed hogs for a long time. And they told me that it was really fun, so I decided to get into it.”

She also named one of her hogs.

“I named one ‘Pork Chop,’ but the other one doesn’t really have a name because nothing really stood out him,” she added.

Asked how hard it is to show hogs – especially to the judges – she said it wasn’t really hard.

“Honestly, it really is not that hard, as long as you can keep down eye contact and knowing where your hog is at all times,” Anderson said. “As well as keeping eyes on the judge, it really is not that hard.”

Anderson graduated from Neosho High School in 2013 and is still an FFA member, so she can still show animals. She said that the fair is a great thing.

“I think that it brings out good character, shows responsibility to young kids,” said Anderson. “And as they grow up, it teaches good leadership skills. It helps kids be more sociable with the public.”

To get ready for the fair, she said that she feeds the hogs a quality pig feed.

“Also, making sure that you are walking them for the fairs,” she added.

Ultimately, she hopes that the hogs will make the livestock sale on Saturday.

“I am hoping to make the sale. I would be really excited if I made the sale for Saturday,” she said. “Then afterwards, try to sell them.”

Asked if she would encourage others to get involved with the fair, Anderson said yes.

“I would encourage anybody to start off with anything that interest in them,” she said. “Even if it is something smaller like indoor exhibits and working their way up to having small, large animals. The fair teaches a lot of responsibility and good leadership skills. I think that it is really good for kids to be involved.”

Hogs were not the only things that she showed at the fair.

“I actually had lambs this year to and I got reserve grand champion on market lamb [Wednesday],” Anderson said.