I am really struggling with what to think about the crisis along our southern border. I guess I’m not really struggling about what I think but rather how we got to this point in our country and why we aren’t doing something about it. It’s kind of amazing that in just a few months we have allowed more than 50,000 illegals (and that is just the minors) to walk across the border and say “here we are – now take care of us.”

I do have to hand it to President Obama. His handling of the situation is so inept that he has managed to make both extremes mad at the same time but for different reasons. You know the answer is quite simple – close the border and don’t let anyone cross that isn’t supposed to. Or, if they do make it across for some reason – just take them back immediately and drop them off and say don’t come back.

I don’t remember hearing anything about problems on our northern border so why are we having such a big issue on our southern border? We can protect ourselves from those pesky Canadians but can’t seem to do so with regards to all our neighbors from the south.

Lest anyone accuse me of being anti-immigrant just stop that thought process right now. Every single one of us, save for some indigenous tribes of folks, stem from an immigrant family that came to this country at some point in time. Our nation is called a melting pot for a reason.  

I absolutely and fully support someone coming to this country with the hopes of making a better life for themselves. What I don’t support is someone walking across our border illegally and then demanding that we take care of them. And, if we don’t then we are accused of being all sorts of evil and cruel.

This “crisis” has been a long time coming and is now exploding right before our eyes. And what are we going to do about it? Why, spend more money, of course. And maybe ask the countries to the south to please be better to their people so they won’t want to leave.

What do you suppose would happen if all those people crossing the border, all of a sudden couldn’t? How do you think the Mexican government would react if those tens of thousands were on the south of the border instead of on the north?  

Or, let’s look at it in reverse. What if tens of thousands of Americans were illegally crossing over into Mexico demanding that the Mexican government take care of them? What do you think the reaction would be? Well, we know what happened when one American Marine accidentally crossed over with guns that were legal in America. He is still in jail and if he gets out the Mexican government won’t tell him to stay so that they can take care of him.

So, why can’t we seem to do the same thing that they are doing? It’s very simple, we don’t want to. Would it be expensive to spend more money to secure the border? Absolutely. But would it be any more expensive that the billions we have spent and will continue to spend on taking care of people who are in this country illegally? You can answer that one for yourself.

A news report just came out that federal agencies made $100 billion in payments to people just last year that may not have been entitled to receive them. And, if the agencies are reporting that figure themselves then you know that the true figure has to be astronomically higher. Those are dollars that many of us paid into the government that is being wasted.  

If the government can throw away $100 billion without batting an eye then I think we can spend a few billion dollars to secure our borders. Then let our neighbors to the south deal with these problems.  

I am not heartless and I do realize that the people flocking to this country are coming for a reason. But let’s deal with the issues by helping our neighbors solve their problems in a collaborative effort and not merely assuming all their responsibilities. But that would require a backbone and leadership – something that seems to be lacking in our nation right now.

Kevin Wilson writes a weekly column for the Daily News.