The Neosho Lions Club held a rubber duck race during the Celebrate Neosho Festival a few weeks back. I was thinking about it as I walked along Wildcat Boulevard one morning.

To my knowledge no one in the Neosho Lions Club had ever helped put on a rubber duck race before. In fact, I am not sure that anyone had ever seen to a rubber duck race before.

Not having great knowledge of duck races, we surged ahead anyway. Several months earlier we had decided to sponsor the event. First we ordered rubber ducks. Then we printed and sold tickets on the individual ducks.

One member of the group volunteered to number each duck.(They were less expensive un-numbered.) Then a couple members decided how to catch the ducks at the end of the race and have one determined the winner. Then came the big day.

Candy with KBTN was a big help, as she announced the duck race was going to be held right after the kids' fishing event. Several people in attendance at the fishing event had not had a chance to purchase tickets so they bought some. At high noon the ducks were released at the walking bridge in Morse Park.

The ducks headed downstream with spectators walking alongside the floating little yellow ducks. Some ducks were caught in obstacles and eddies, and the Lions members who were "ridin' drag" urged them along.

Some people were still fishing in the river and kindly removed their lines so the ducks could pass. Two people thought they had to furnish their own ducks, so two bright pink ducks participated with their yellow cousins.

The rubber ducks floated through seven live ducks about halfway down the way. Everyone wondered how the live ducks would treat the little yellow rubber ones. All went well with no conflicts.

One duck led the race most of the way, but got snagged on the catch line at the end and was edged out by another duck. The winning duck passed through the gate at the end and was declared the winner. It was a fun and exciting fundraiser.

The last duck was caught in a bridge eddy and had to be rescued before being declared "the last duck."

Take a walk, remember having fun and helping a good cause can be rewarding, and see what you notice while passing along Wildcat Boulevard.

Russell Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.