Dr. Andrew Manu, professor of agronomy at Iowa State University and Alfonso Ashley, who is professor emeritus at Leland Stanford Junior University, talked about George Washington Carver in the little school room at the Carver Monument Saturday morning.

Manu was the main speaker for the 2014 Carver Day Celebration. He is a native a Ghana who is following Carver's footsteps by working to improve agriculture all over the world.

His current major work is digital mapping of the soils of the world. He is also a George Washington Carver expert.

Alfonso Ashley has the distinction of being one of very few living people who had contact with George Washington Carver when he was still alive (Carver died in 1943).

Ashley was raised near Tuskegee Institute. The grade school he attended was only three blocks from Tuskegee Institute, where Carver taught, and the children were often taken on field trips to see Carver and his flower gardens.

Ashley said that if the class became noisy or rowdy, Carver dismissed them and sent them back to their school.

One time Ashley was having problems with "spikes" on his head. His older brother took him to see if Carver could help. Carver went into his laboratory and came back with a salve he rubbed on Ashley's head and told him he would soon be all right. He was cured.

Manu and Ashley spent the day at the Carver Monument speaking with visitors.