Budget considerations are among several topics Neosho Mayor Richard Davidson will explore with the public during a quarterly public meeting scheduled for Monday evening in the Neosho Golf Course Club House.

“The key thing this time of year every year is to talk about the city’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year,” said Davidson. “We’re going to talk a little bit about where revenues are year-to-date, talk a little bit about the governor’s veto of some sales tax abatements and the interplay with the legislature, and how that could impact the city’s budget for next fiscal year. We’ll talk about the paving projects underway in the city, and we want to hear input from the public as we work to finalize and prepare for the 2015 fiscal year budget what things — if any — that they view as priorities that they would like the city to address,” he said.

Prior to beginning the quarterly series of public meetings, Davidson said people complained that the city only came to them when something was wanted from the public. He said these meetings are a way for the people to come to the city to express their needs.

“We use this format as a way for the citizens to have an informal way to communicate one-on-one with their city government and ask questions,” Davidson said. “It’s not as formal as coming to a city council meeting, it’s a more relaxed environment where we can have a dialogue, and exchange of information that allows citizens to speak their mind and talk and ask questions.”

Davidson will meet with citizens at 6:30 p.m. on Monday in the golf course club house, 1850 Club House Rd.