Organizers are putting on the final touches for the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks (BCFO) Pink Ribbon Gala on Friday, July 25, at Downstream Casino Resort, four miles west of Joplin on I-44.

Doors open at 6 p.m. and the semi-formal attire event includes a buffet-style dinner, music, dancing, silent and live auctions.

“This is our third annual gala,” said Kristi Seibert, outreach director with BCFO. “It is another sold out event.”

Even thought it is considered a sold out event, she encourages people to call her at 434-2200 if they want to attend.

“There are times at the very last minute – and we have had this happen before – that somebody that has bought a table – they won’t be attending, which frees up a table for us to sell for somebody else,” Seibert said.

This year’s theme will be “Star Wars: A New Hope.”

“It will be fun because we will have a local Star Wars troupe,” she added. “They will be joining for the gala.”

The organizers are still taking donations either monetary or other donations, which the money will go to help others.

“The money goes to the different programs that we have,” she said. “The most expensive one is our client assistance one, that is when a lady has been diagnosed with breast cancer and she is in active treatment. The foundation reviews her application and what we do is we maintain that household budget, meaning we make house payments, we pay for rent, we pay for utility bills, if there is children in the home we help with daycare, buy school supplies. We fix cars, whatever is needed to keep her or ¬¬— we have had men clients as well — to keep them going. On the medical side of things, we don’t pay any medical bills, however, what we do pay are the mammograms, screening mammograms, that is why we partner with our medical community, with Freeman (Health System) and Mercy, is because of the mammograms.”

The money raised stays right here in the local area.

Members Only band will provide music.

People can also send an email to Seibert at