Crowder College received a $1 million donation Friday.

The donor, who has asked to remain anonymous, was attracted to Crowder because of its long-term focus on students and their success. The donation was made as a memorial in honor of the donor’s late spouse. The gift was celebrated in a private reception attended by family members and Crowder College administrators, trustees and Foundation officers.

“This exceptionally generous gift will provide a wealth of opportunity for Crowder students,” Crowder College President Dr. Jennifer Methvin said in a press release. “It has been a joy to get to know our new donor and the donor’s family and to learn what strengths and opportunities they saw in Crowder College that made them want to invest in our students’ futures. The donor has referred to this gift as seed money, and I have pledged that we will be good stewards of these funds, ensuring that the seeds grow into expanded opportunities for Crowder students.”

The funds will be used by the Crowder College Foundation for scholarships, to support educational travel for students, and for academic program support and development. A portion of the money will be invested to build a fund that will continue to grow for future use.

“We have had that before — not a lot of them — but this one is our first non-capital, single million dollars,” said Cindy Branscum, director of Institutional Advancement at the college. “Most of the time, when someone gives a large gift like that it is for a capital project.”

Branscum said college officials were “very pleased” to receive this donation.

“Not very many places get a million dollars,” she said. “So just the excitement of someone having that much confidence in Crowder College, and then in what we are doing. It just really emphasizes for our entire staff, all employees, that we are doing the right thing. I think that is an encourager to all of the people who work at Crowder, the people that go to Crowder and to the people that give to Crowder, that people have confidence in what we are doing and they feel that we are worthy of this kind of and investment.”