There is a new doctor in town.

There is a new doctor in town.

Dr. Joseph Sheppard opened his business Free Market Physician at 317 S. Wood St., Neosho, on Monday, July 7, as Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce members held a welcoming ceremony of the traditional ribbon cutting and a flower clock presentation.

“I am a family practice physician, we take care of a broad range of conditions, take care of people of all ages,” he said. “And the clinic itself is a little bit specialized, because it is a cash-only clinic, we don’t take any insurance. And the notion here is by cutting insurance out of the process, we can make health care affordable for individuals.”

Sheppard sees patients of all ages.

“So what we charge is a monthly fee $60 for adults, $25 for kids and then we take care of anything that they need for that fee,” he said. “They can come see us a (a lot of) times, they can come see us no times, there is no additional cost. We have contracts with medication whole sellers and lab companies, so our patients can get access to wholesale lab and medication prices as well. So that can save a lot. Most labs can run you $3 to $5, and the medications we can get them good deals for them as well.”

Overall, Sheppard said he is seeing more and more of these “Direct Primary Care” facilities opening up.

“This is a national movement,” he said. “This sort of clinic is called ‘Direct Primary Care,’ direct in the fact that we remove insurance from the process and it is direct between the physician and the patient. So I just went to a conference for this in Washington D.C. and actually presented out there. And these things are becoming quite a movement, as we are looking for a way to truly make health care affordable. One thing that we are really trying to do is decrease cost overall. Anyone who enrolls in the clinic has my cell phone for nights and weekends. And if we can prevent an ER visit, prevent a hospital admission visit necessary we will do so. The whole key is to make the health care affordable.”

Free Market Physician offers individuals and businesses same-day appointments.

Sheppard is from Idaho and was attracted to the Ozarks.

“We love the Ozarks, so we were looking for a small Ozark town to move into,” he added. “I speak Spanish as well, so we knew that there were a lot of Latinos as well in the area and I would like to take care of them as well.”

Office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 Monday through Friday.

He can be reached at or 417-283-4210.

Sheppard said they are excited about being in the area.

“We are pleased as punch,” he said. “(The area) is very welcoming, we have had a great response. We have had a busy week already with patients. We are just really excited on being here. It is a beautiful place a lot of good people.”