Tyler Thomas, 10, enjoys showing different animals at the McDonald County Fair.

Last year, he showed chickens, pigs and geese. However, this year, he opted to show a chicken and a goose.

“It is a light Brahma chicken,” Thomas said. “I wanted to show him because it is big and pretty. I like black and white mixed together, it just looks nice on chickens.”
Thomas said he has not named his chicken.

Asked how hard it is to take care of his chicken, Thomas said, “not that hard, sometimes it is.”

Thomas said he feeds his chicken corn and chicken scratch.

As the chicken was waiting to be judged during the fair, Thomas’s mother, Brandy Bevis, told what the judges look for in a chicken.

“Every chicken, every breed has its own standard of what it should look like,” she said. “So he compares the chicken to the standard. Like this particular one should have feathers on its feet. How well their feathers are placed. The judge actually pulls every chicken out. He feels the breast, he opens their wings and looks at everything.”

Aside from showing animals at the fair, Thomas said he enjoys the annual event.
“I like them,” he said with a smile. “I look at the animals, pet them, feed some animals and that is pretty much it.”

Thomas is eager to participate in the fair next year.

“I will show a pig,” he said.

Asked what is easiest to show during the fair, he said the pig.

“Well because I have more of a control over a pig than I do over a goose or chicken,” he said.