Whitley Mitchell will be very busy during the 2014 McDonald County Fair, continuing through Saturday on the fairgrounds adjacent to McDonald County High School in Anderson.

The Anderson native, with her freshman year at Crowder College under her belt, now also has a crown, chosen Thursday evening as the fair’s queen. The daughter of Sammy and Kathy Mitchell is a veteran fair exhibitor, showing animals since she was 3 years old.

Sponsored in the pageant by Pierce Farms, Ms. Mitchell said she is showing a gilt and a dairy heifer in the fair. She will also have other duties after being crowned as queen, and responsibilities.

“Just being able to be a role model for others and have them look up to me, and be sure that I can be the best for them,” she said.

Mitchell said she and the other members of the fair royalty will be charged with awarding ribbons and trophies to winners during the course of the fair.

She said the experience of showing animal teaches how to work with them, and helps provide confidence with animals.

“It helps me become more prepared for things,” she said. “It builds my confidence, it helps me with anything.”

The queen pageant first runner-up is Cailet Bowman, and Hannah Sherman is the second runner-up.

Rylie Huston is the 2014 McDonald County Fair Princess. The 9-year-old from Anderson said she is showing a hog and a sheep at the fair. Having exhibited animals for several years, Rylie said it is fun to be around all of the animals and seeing some of her friends.

“Seeing a lot of friends and family, and they all come together to watch me in the princess contest and show my sheep and pig,” she said.

Upon being crowned, Rylie said, “It feels really shocking and exciting. I feel kind of surprised that I won.” Ms. Huston will also hand out trophies and ribbons during the fair.

The McDonald County Fair Princess first runner-up is Callie Keaton and the second runner-up is Hannah Sherman.

Both the queen and princess were awarded a bag of prizes, and $100 cash from KURM radio.