As fair participants were bringing in their animals for the 40th annual McDonald County Fair on Thursday, Lexus Rearrick, 7, was carrying her rabbit for the rabbit show.

The Neosho Daily News caught up with Rearrick a few questions about showing at the fair.

NDN: What is the name of your rabbit?
Rearrick: I named him ‘Freckles,’ because he kind of has freckles on him.

NDN: What type of rabbit is he?
Rearrick: He is a blue Dutch rabbit.

NDN: This is not your first year of showing animals. What other animals have you shown at the fair?
Rearrick: a chicken and a cow.

NDN: Of the cow, chicken and rabbit, which one do you enjoy and why?
Rearrick: The cow, because it is just kind of fun.

As far as what the judges look for when they judge rabbits – which will be at 10 a.m. today —Jamie Juzeler, rabbit superintendent said, “every breed has certain specific qualifications that make that breed. What they look for overall is their body type for that specific breed, color, their condition of their coats and just overall condition of that rabbit.”