During the McDonald County Fair, one of the participants, Rylee Eradley, 11, was working to get her two pigs.

“This one is a blue butt and this one is a Hampshire pig,” said Eradley. “One of them is named ‘Buttercup,’ and the other one is named ‘Pig, Pig.’”

Asked why she gave them those names, the young fair participant said, “I came up with ‘Buttercup’ just because I like the name. Then we didn’t have a name for (other) one so, we just made up ‘Pig, Pig.’”

When it was her time to showcase her pigs to the judges, she said, “you just walk around the ring, you tap them with this show stick and you make sure that you look at the judge.”

Eradley said she has shown animals for a number of years at the fair.

“I started out showing calves when I was 3, then just a couple of years ago, I started showing pigs,” she said. “I had been showing calves from the beginning, but my brother switched to pigs and I switched with him.”

During the fair, another important thing that she does with her pigs is to keep them cool.

“You can walk around and stuff at the fair, but you just have to make sure that you spray them down, so they keep cool,” she added. “At home, I go out there and play with them sometimes, then we just walk around the house.”

She said her two pigs get along with each other and they don’t fight.

“These don’t bite, but they love to be petted,” she added.

And for next year, asked if Eradley will show pigs again, she said, “I think so.”

Even thought the main fair concluded on Saturday, there is one more event today at 5 p.m. It is the horseshow/sho-de-o at the McDonald County Fairgrounds, near the McDonald County High School.