It will be inconvenient for a while, but in the end the ride will be much smoother and safer at the intersection of Kodiak Rd. and Old Seneca Rd.

Marilyn Ruestman, presiding commissioner, said Newton County is lending assistance to the Neosho Special Road District project.

“They’ll straighten out the road so that you can make a turn and go over the railroad tracks in a much safer fashion,” Ruestman noted. “That’s kind of been a safety issues for years and we’ve all been working at it, but just a lot of things had to come together. We had to get some land over there and we had to deal with the railroad, but it all transpired and they’re working there now and we should have that ready by the time the school buses start.”

Ruestman said the road will be straightened and moved to alleviate the sharp turn buses and other vehicles must make while turning north onto Kodiak, and to lessen the risk of stalling on the railroad tracks just beyond the intersection.

“In order to do that, they will be changing the grade and probably putting in some new concrete and asphalt pads to get you up and over that railroad track,” she said.

In order to enact that change in grade, crews have temporarily shut down all three ways into that intersection, effective Tuesday morning. Ruestman doesn’t expect that inconvenience to last for long.

Neosho Special Road District officials were unavailable Tuesday to provide that information. Meanwhile, several mailboxes of residents inside the “road closed” signs have been uprooted and placed alongside the final remaining mailbox on Kodiak just south of the construction zone.

Ruestman explained that it is a road district project, and the county is providing what assistance they can, including the acquisition of land to allow the project to move forward.

“We talked to all the neighbors around there and asked their participation and we’ve had cooperation from everyone,” she said. “Someone donated some land to get this done, and actually, the railroad has been very easy to work with on this project.”

She said county crews are also helping with heavy equipment work.

“It’s a safety project,” she said. “It’s something that needs to be done, I think basically for school buses, but it will help all the traffic out there. We’re really glad to get it done; it’s been needed for awhile.”