There is a new superintendent at Neosho Christian School.

Lowell McInturff recently began his new duties, after former superintendent / principal Lawrence Sanders retired.

McInturff has been in public education for 25 years, 18 of those as an agriculture education instructor and seven years as a junior/senior high school principal. He has also taught the last nine years as an academic teacher for the Missouri Department of Social Services-Division of Youth Services. He is a graduate of East Newton High School, Crowder College and also received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Arkansas. McInturff also has a lifetime certification in administration K-12.

“The opportunity to work in a Christian environment and a private school were both a big draw for me to apply for this position,” McInturff said. “My previous time as an administrator had been very rewarding and the size and make up of Neosho Christian was big draw for me.”

He was born and raised in Granby and has spent most of his time in Southwest Missouri.

“This is my first time as a school superintendent, the second time I have been involved as an educational administrator,” he said. “As the only administrator for Neosho Christian, I am responsible for all functions of the school including curriculum, finance, student conduct and staff personnel. I am very excited to again have the opportunity to work with young people that are intent on making the correct decisions and becoming positive role models in our society. It is exciting to see young people that, when called upon to help with the construction of the new Pre-K building or other needs on campus, are very willing to come and work and donate time to their school.”

The students will start NCS on Aug. 12.

As far as what advice he would give to the students, McInturff said, “remember their parents and thank them for the opportunity to attend a Christian school and to take advantage of all the opportunities that await them at NCS. The entire staff looks forward to working with each student and parent as we go through the 2014-15 school year.”

McInturff said he sees dedication as well as enthusiasm in the staff of NCS.

“They have given me such encouragement that NCS will continue to grow and educate many outstanding young people for years to come,” he said. “The parents that I have had the opportunity to meet have also set such a positive tone for the school that I look forward to working with them and the entire team that makes up Neosho Christian School.”