An elderly Neosho woman is jailed and a Neosho police officer was a little bloodied during an altercation with the woman early Thursday at Walmart.

Dave McCracken, police chief, reported that Margaret Ji-Shengjan, 68, was formally charged with assault of a police officer, resisting arrest, and peace disturbance during her arraignment Thursday afternoon.

McCracken said officers were dispatched to the mega-store about 3:30 a.m. to investigate a woman who had entered the store cursing, and continued with rough language, calling people names and using racial slurs.

“For no apparent reason,” he said, “She came in the door that way.”

McCracken said the woman was irrational as police tried to talk with her, and they arrested her on a complaint for disturbance.

“They were placing her into custody and she bit one of the officers,” the police chief said.

McCracken reported that officer Mike Sharp received a pretty good laceration from the bite.

“It did not require stitches, but it’s a nasty little bite there,” he said.

He said Ji-Shengjan remains in the Newton County Jail and will be held for evaluation.