People sometimes ask me where I get the ideas for my columns. Usually it’s just something that is bugging me at the time or that I want to vent about. It’s kind of like the crime drama on television that uses the term “ripped from the headlines.”

In my case, I listen to the news (and not just FOX) and read the papers and then I get fired up about a certain issue. From the comments I get from folks in the community they are usually the same issues that most people are upset about but I get the luxury of being able to put my thoughts down on paper and in the paper.

One of the biggest topics right now: illegal immigration, and I think everyone is pretty clear on what I think about that whole debate so I won’t bore you with more rhetoric. But, here is another angle that we should be concerned with when it comes to a border that is so porous as to be laughable – national security.  

Do you really think all the individuals sauntering across our southern border are just poor, honest people wanting a better life for themselves or do you think some of them might just have something a little more sinister in mind? While the Progressives are worrying about how we treat the people crossing over illegally they seem to want to ignore the bigger ramifications.

What do you think the reaction would be if thousands of people were illegally crossing the Canadian border every day and demanding that they be taken to New York City for refuge? Do you think it would be a compassionate response or would there be an outcry that we had to take every precaution necessary to protect our citizenry from potential terrorists? I’ll let you answer that one for yourself but I have a pretty good idea what the response would be.

Since 9/11, people in the big metropolitan areas of the northeast have been obsessed with the need for security all the while turning a blind eye to what’s happening in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Don’t you think the terrorists that everyone fears so much have figured out an easy way to get into the country? And, heaven forbid that we would treat someone of, oh let’s say Middle Eastern descent, any different that we would someone that appears to be of Latin descent as they were crossing the Rio Grande river. That would be profiling and that would just be wrong.

Please don’t anyone get the opinion that I think everyone of Middle Eastern descent is a terrorist because I don’t. But, the fact is that, except for a few screwed up Americans that hate this country and want to be members of the Taliban, all the terrorists that we have in custody are from that “neck of the woods” (as Al Roker would say on his morning weathercast).

So, while the Progressives would fling wide open our southern border to Central Americans, I assume they would be less likely to do the same for terrorists. But, you can’t have it all – you either have security or you don’t. So, what will it be? Will it take another senseless terrorist attack before we take action or are we just going to be a nation of ostriches and stick our heads in the sand (I know that is an old wives’ tale but it is good illustration).

And, while I’m on the subject of terrorist attacks and security, let’s talk about the wonderful security we have on landmarks in the NYC area. I suppose that you heard about the latest breach that occurred just a couple of days ago. A group got past security on the heavily guarded Brooklyn Bridge and switched out two large American flags that flew on top of the bridge.  

And, they did it right under the nose of the people tasked with guarding against terrorist attacks. And, don’t forget about the young man who got to the top of the Empire State Building a few months ago and wandered around for hours taking pictures.

Luckily these were pranks and non-violent events but what if those involved had more in mind that just taking pictures or switching flags? The whole country would be up in arms about the need for greater security all the while letting anyone and everyone just walk across our southern border.

We are cloaking ourselves with a false sense of security if we think we can really stop another well-orchestrated terrorist attack within our borders. I’m afraid that it is not a matter of if but rather when another attack will occur. But, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take every precaution we can to prevent such an attack and personally, I think that means solving our southern border crisis. Maybe if we ship all of the illegals back East then we would get some action. But sadly, probably not.

Kevin Wilson writes a weekly column for the Daily News.